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Hand Woven Quetzalcoatl Snake Rug, Flat Weave Merino Wool


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  • This is an ever-growing collection we began in 2015 based on research of the Aztec plumed serpent god Quetzalcoatl. Extraordinary myths and novels have been written about this masculine god, he is forever idolized on archeological sites, and murals, codexes and oral histories, and archetypal Mexican symbol of virility and strength, sexuality, power and resurrection. We took these traditional imageries and ideas of the revered Quezalcoatl and turned it on it’s head, stretch the myth into our current day and age, turning him into a goddess. 

    These works are hand woven in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca by a women’s cooperative and designed by Mexchic. This particular piece mixes pop culture with ancient myths, their imprint on our memories, recasting ancient and outdated archetypes. Each rug took three months to weave. 

    Limited edition of 5 

    Size: 38 x 73 inches with 3 inch fringe
    Color: light pink, black, turquoise, red
    Material: Virgin merino wool

    Serpent 1