Simple Striped Wool Shawl


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  • This shawl is part of my personal collection of hand made textiles, collected over many years of traveling within Mexico. I am a compulsive shopper and when it comes to beautiful high quality artisan made textiles I find it difficult to resist. 

    This shawl was purchased about 9 years ago at an artisan market in Guanajuato central Mexico and I purchased it for a few reasons, the stripe design is very elegant and simple, I noticed the quality of the wool was extremely fine, the weave is loose and open, the warp and weft were made of the same wool, leading me to think it was made slowly and thoughtfully on a pedal loom, the color of the grey was peculiar almost blue, as though it were dyed. A really special lovely piece. I had always wanted to find out who made it but the seller in the market was a reseller and would not share their source. 

    Much research and detective work goes into creating the pieces we make at Mexchic. A lot of times I will buy things such as this textile and hold onto it for years either as an inspiration for a certain technique, color, material... but usually as a reminder to go back and search a particular artisan out for a later project. Over the years I have collected many things for this reason and though it would be fun to share these here and most importantly, it will give me space to collect more!

    Size: Wide: 68 cm, Length: 190, Fringe: 20 cm
    Color: Natural cream wool with grey stripes
    Material: Wool textile

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