Super Natural Mystico Rug in Melon

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  • This beautiful hand loomed rug was woven by artisans in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca using Argentine Merino wool which was hand dyed by artisans with traditional natural dyes Grana Cochinilla and the small bright yellow wild flower Pericon, resulting in the perfect tone of light Mellon. Cochineal is an insect harvested by hand from the paddle cactus "Nopal".

    The gradient look to the weave comes from the hand dyed nature of the wool. Each time the wool is dyed in a steaming hot cauldron brimming with water and natural mater over a wood burning fire, the color becomes lighter and lighter, each strand left with a distinct one-of-a-kind color. 

    The traditional belts "Fajas" worn by women in Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca where the rug is woven, inspired us to develop this decorative macrame pom pom fringe adding a bit of feminine detail to this gorgeous (and deceptively simple!) piece. 

    Size: 150  x  81 cm with 12 cm long fringe
    Color: Gradient Rust, Cream natural color Fringe
    Material: Merino Sheep Wool, Natural Dyes

    Please note that we keep limited stock in our showroom, and we are quickly transitioning to a made-to-order only capacity to avoid textile waste and to move forward with our goal to be a completely sustainable/regenerative zero waste business in 5 years time. 
    Turnaround time to weave the textile, sew the item and then ship out is approximately about 2-3 weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions and send us an email to

    We can make this rug to spec, send us an email for special orders or if sold out. 

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